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For your convenience, we have added several ways for you to interact with us, including a web form for you to send us a instant message, company address, mailing address and phone number. If we can assist you in any way, please contact us anytime! Office hours are by appointment only and service calls are readily available, 7 days a week.

As technology experts, we have the skills to manipulate the abilities of technology to best fit your company's needs. And we strive to do so discretely and stealthy. Whether we are repairing a failed hard drive, clearing a computer virus, or building a search engine marketing campaign - we will remain dedicated to your company's best. It's what drives us to excellence.

No long term contracts. Hourly rates based on task or per project billing always offered. When you need techies passionate about technology - you need our expert care!

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(850) 571-7701
James Clemens

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Advertising Agency & Google Events

Mica Specialties
11525 Hutchison Blvd Suite 101
Panama City Beach, FL 32407


Automotive Technologies

Mica Specialties
2405 Ruth Hentz Ave Suite J
Panama City, FL 32405


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Mica Specialties
PO Box 35993
Panama City, FL 32412-5993


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Mica Specialties is dedicated to excelling for our clients, and for making our beautiful Panama City, Florida community the best possible.


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As technology professionals, we assist people with professional technology help. It's as simple as that... and did we mention that we really love our job?

Please send us a message now and we will be back in touch soon. If you own a Mica Machine Custom Computer by Mica Specialties, please use our RepairCare Service to start a free service ticket to evaluate your needs and provide prompt, proficient care of your Mica Machine.