Brand Integrity Audits & Corrections

  • Manage Your Online Image Through Brand Integrity Audits

    Brand Integrity Audits can help you understand how your customer see you - digitally - which is important in today's digital world. They also reveal mistakes and inconsistencies with your listings on websites like Yelp, BBB, YP, and hundreds of other web properties you must likely have a listing on. Some listings are self generated with partially-correct information and others were created by employees, customers, family members or others trying to be of help along the way in the years past. And now those listings are clogging up the web and presenting your brand incorrectly.


    Once our Brand Integrity Audit is completed, either you or us can begin the task of correcting all of the listings, and even adding new listings where needed to bring a solid & positive online impression of your brand to the world. This will make the web happier, and it will reward your customers with an easy online shopping experience, which will lead to them appreciating you more!


    Mica Specialties in Panama City, Florida can perform full brand audits, brand analysis, and complete brand integrity audits - while helping you understand all of this in plain talk! Please Contact Us for more information or to schedule a free consultation specific to your brand.


Digital Brand

  • Once you have your website online, and you have begun to build your digital brand, you will want to spend plenty of time keeping it all current. Once you have these critical components completed, you will want to move on to improving your organic search presence through search engine optimization techniques that follow best practices and intelligent design.

  • Next, you will want to add in some social media marketing and search engine marketing if your website isn't busy with prospective customers. Schedule a Free Consultation to determine what the best course of action is for you!