Local Digital Marketing Agency

  • Mica Specialties is your local digital marketing agency near me in Panama City, Florida with over 30 years of advertising experience and brand building sklills. Our expertise with digital marketing has been confirmed to us by our clients, and nearly all have increased their budgets with us after experiencing positive changes in customer traffic. And our services will bring more customers to your business and those referred by our campaigns will better understand the services and products you offer.

  • There will be additional benefits as we highlight the care you have taken to develop your products and services and the positive contributions you have made to your community. We become an active member of your sales team, engaging and informing the customer online with a positive message, while maintaining a continual focus on a positive return on investment (ROI).

  • Search Engine Marketing

    Search Engine Marketing is the primary and most reliable way to reach people who are using the internet to discover and qualify businesses. It is referred to by many names; Internet Marketing, Pay-Per-Click Marketing, and Display Advertising are some of the most common.


    Our Search Engine Marketing program is created by the founder of Mica Specialties, James Clemens. He maintains a continual focus on quality content that adheres to Google’s Best Practices criteria. James’ 2015 activity within the Google Partners Community earned him recognition as a Top 3 Most Inspirational Member. Mica Specialties is a Badged Google Partner as well as a Certified Google Ads Agency.


    We achieve the highest possible exposure for our clients by integrating our websites and advertisements with the search engine criteria. We also incorporate intelligent budgeting within Google analytics to further our understanding of where our clients’ dollars are most successfully applied. Over time, we perfect the synergy between our websites, advertisements, and budget strategies. The result is an extremely competitive campaign.


    Google is the #1 ranked search engine in the United States, but Bing and Yahoo (2nd and 3rd, respectively) also have significant patronage and we are attentive to those markets. We have twenty years of experience working with Microsoft, the company that owns and operates the Bing search engine, and we are a Bing Ads Accredited Professional. We are also active in the Microsoft Partnership Program, so we are well-qualified to produce and publish successful ad campaigns on the Bing search engine platform. Yahoo calculates its results with the Yahoo Bing Network Contextual Ads system which we understand well and therefore we enjoy strong capabilities for placement on the Yahoo search engine, as well.

  • Mobile Friendly Website Design and Marketing

    Mobile Friendly Website Design and Marketing can build your brand and increase sales. Through the use of technology we can place your message into the hands of potential customers, many of whom use their cell phone as a primary means of connecting to internet content. A new website design and marketing campaign can be just the lift your company needs to get ahead or make up for lost time. 

  • Building Brands Passionately with Synergy

    All of these ad networks need integration to be effective. And website design, search engine optimization, logo design, and brand integrity all play important roles in any successful digital marketing campaign. We also offer social media marketing and account management services, when coordination of all online advertising is your ideal. Please contact us for a more personalized assessment of your marketing needs. It all starts with a free consultation and from there, we crank up the synergy for a fun and rewarding journey together.


Marketing Packages

  • Mica Specialties loves the process of refining a marketing package to bring out the best performance for the budget. Because no company or product is the same, the same marketing tactics cannot be reused with the expectations of success.


    A quality marketing concept is actively grown through a process we have perfected for our clients over the past many years. We build from our foundation but create marketing success for your specific needs, wants and targeted goals.


    One of the most important aspects of creating success with Digital Marketing is through research, testing, and constantly studying analytics. Without these elements factored in, success cannot be achieved, appreciated, or measured!


    Schedule a Free Consultation to determine what the best course of action is for you!