Logo Design & Graphics

  • Building & Enhancing Your Brand

    Mica Specialties is capable of creating a unique and engaging logo or graphic design for your brand or project. We have years of experience with graphic design software, and bring a lifelong study of the arts with us. James Clemens is a master furniture designer and he carries that symmetry with him with his digital media and graphic designs. There are lots of advantages to having a professional logo designed and incorporated across all of your marketing & promotions, so why wait any longer? Oh, we offer free consultations.

    Once we have the perfect logo, we can build a complete brand concept around it, and build out all the branded products your business will use to further build positive brand awareness.

    Yes, your brand is created rather fast, but it is built over a lifetime of presenting it to your targeted audience. Let's get started so you can start seeing results.

  • Flyers, Signs, Business Cards & More

    Mica Specialties creates digital graphics of all sorts. From tri-fold and full sheet flyers, to business cards and product labels and restaurant menus, we are your digital agency and we are ready to tackle your next project with you. From one-time consulting to complete turn-key packages, we are your graphic artists and we are here to help.


Graphic Design for Branded Goods

  • Building a business is a tough task that never ceases, or at least we hope it doesn't. One way you can ensure you remain a viable source for people's needs is by staying connected to them when your product or service is not being utilized. Having branded goods to hand out makes this task easy and fun.


    Gigabyte Bullet Business Cards
    Gigabyte Bullet Invoices & Labels
    Gigabyte Bullet Letterhead & Envelopes
    Gigabyte Bullet Shirts & Hats
    Gigabyte Bullet Cups & Koozies
    Gigabyte Bullet Product Packaging


    It all starts with a great logo design so Contact Us today to get started.