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  • Are you looking for local SEO Help that is credible and safe and trusted by Google? Do you need SEO Help that will help your website gain a high presence with search engines? Do you know that Mica Specialties is the #1 Local SEO Agency in Panama City Beach, Florida?

    Mica Specialties started learning SEO techniques way back in 1996, when we started our training in website development in Panama City Beach. You really cannot create a powerful web property without utilizing smart SEO tactics. Every single web element either adds to or takes away SEO power from your website. Meta tags, H1 titles, clean coding, structured data, and the very words you write (and how you write them), it all falls under the SEO spectrum. Below we provide some basic facts about SEO that come up often within SEO conversations. While they are basic, they are very important. Please let us know if we can be of further assistance.

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    What is SEO?

    SEO refers to Search Engine Optimization. The term itself can encompass a very wide range of techniques, which are not all good. The SEO service industry has more scammers and fraudulent companies than it does legitimate SEO agencies and skilled professionals. You should be very cautious about anyone offering to provide SEO advice and services to your company.

    SEO -v- Local SEO

    Search Engine Optimization refers to the general techniques used to refine your website to conform to the guidelines and best practices of the major search engines, such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, and many others, too. By auditing performance analytics and performing routine adjustments to best serve your websites to the search engines, they will serve it in their search auctions more often. And the more exposure your website gets the prospective customers you can engage with.


    Local SEO refers to specific actions that improve your search engine placements, locally, such as in Google Maps, Bing Maps, Local Map Pack within the SERPs (search engine result pages) and several other areas online. Local SEO is about thinking locally and engaging more local prospects that are seeking product and services like yours. By optimizing your local online presence, you will gain more local exposure. This web traffic is often the highest quality and best converting traffic for your business model. You need to be placed online really well, organically, to perform exceptionally well in your business.

    What does organic traffic mean? Is that traffic from paid ads?

    With any digital presence (websites, social profiles, etc.), you will see the terms paid and organic interchanged often. However, they are not the same, in any respect.


    Organic refers to the free placements you can earn or create online for your business. If it’s free, it’s organic. Paid refers to the ads your business can run with search engines, social media platforms, directories, and/or pretty much any online placement opportunity where you pay.

    Should I run paid ads or chase after organic placements?

    Ideally, you would want to create a business strategy that covers both.

    If you only run ads, your presence shrinks when you stop the ads. And paid placements cannot always reach all of your possible audience. Yet, paid advertising works nearly instantly and can be highly profitable when done correctly. You should only use credible advertising professionals to perform such actions for you, since bad results can be costly and even bring a permanent suspension to your business, which means you can never again advertise your business with that online service. Google Ads is a very complex advertising system that requires extensive training and real-world expertise. Google Ads should be handled by a badged Google Partner agency with certified Google Ads professionals, such as Mica Specialties. In fact, Mica Specialties is owned & operated by a Google Designated Product Expert for Google Ads, which is the highest level of endorsement Google provides to anyone in the Google Ads space. James Clemens is known world-wide for his long-standing professional affiliation in the digital advertising and SEO industry.


    Continuing on, if you only focus on organic placements you will absolutely miss out on a lot of potential customers right now, in the moment, online. Organic placements take time and after a long journey of building upwards, you can be on top today and way down at the bottom somewhere down the road. Organic is not absolute and a business must not fall for false promises by shady actors that make it seem so easy to take over organically. Organic actions take continual, careful, and quality performance with your entire online branding presence to do well, long-term. No matter how difficult it may seem to operate your website correctly, having an organic presence is vitally-important to your business. You must build a solid organic foundation to build a successful business in the modern world. Mica Specialties is very involved in the Panama City Beach community, provides a beautiful SEO agency in the Village at Grand Panama just steps from the sugar white sands of Panama City Beach. We are licensed and insured and adhere to the guidelines and best practices of all of the search engines.


    James Clemens contributes expert level content to Google and works closely with dozens of Googlers (Google Employees) and shapes his expertise from the world’s finest SEO experts. James is one of a very small group of Google Designated Product Experts for Google My Business and a Google Trusted Verifier. Mica Specialties is the official city partner for the Grow with Google (also known as GYBO – Get Your Business Online). James is also the 2019 Co-Chair of the Panama City Beach Chamber of Commerce Ambassadors, which is another merit of distinction, trust, and commitment to our wonderful local community. .

    A company says they can give me a #1 ranking on Google. Is this true?

    Google clearly states that no one can guarantee a #1 ranking with Google. You should be always be cautious towards working with anyone that promises anything like that to you. These types of SEO service providers typically do not adhere to Google's guidelines and they never have a professional relationship with Google. Further, they often do not have local roots to the community, do not provide a physical business address for you to visit, do not have a city or state license, and very often use Blackhat SEO techniques. These rogue SEO service providers will lead to your website being de-indexed from the search engines. It may not happen right away and you may even enjoy some better placements, at first, but the cheating actions of Blackhat SEO will catch up to you and that is when you will pay dearly for trusting the wrong person with your digital presence.

    What happens if the SEO work violates search engine guidelines?

    If you or someone working with you violates the guidelines of Google Search, Bing Search, or another major search engine – your website will be de-indexed from their search engine. This means the complete removal of your website, including the web contents and the web pages. Your business will cease to exist to that search engine. It happens often and this is a catastrophic reaction from the bad SEO actions and a severe blow to any business.


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  • James Clemens has been actively building brands and providing inspirational advice within the technology and advertising industry for over 30 years.


    As a Google Product Expert, James hosts various events throughout the year covering subjects such as SEO, Mobile Website Design, Social Media, Google My Business, Google Ads, Google Analytics, Web Browsers, and more.


    James also travels around the world to attend exclusive invite-only breakthrough sessions with the world's finest experts in these technically-advanced subjects, which furthers his abilities and provides the most up-to-date intelligence on building a successful brand online.


    As a Google My Business Product Expert, designated by Google, James can discuss Google search listings, Google maps listings, and proper ways to optimize your online presence. Google My Business is completely free to use and a very strong SEO asset that all businesses need.

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