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  • The Google Ads advertising platform is a great way for a business to present their products or services to the masses through a robust auction-based ad system. While anyone can use it, being experienced in it has advantages such as better performance for less cost. And having some basic understanding of what things mean can greatly help any business work with Ads themselves or simply interact with their digital marketing agency more effectively. When you understand the basics, you will present your needs and wants better, which will bring better performance from your Ads account. 

  • Google Ads Term: Click Through Rate (CTR)

    Your CTR is the ratio of clicks to impressions. Each time your ad is displayed to someone, it counts as an impression. And each time someone clicks on it, that counts as a click.

  • Google Ads Term: Cost Per Click (CPC)

    The required spend amount to product a single click on your digital advertisement is the cost per click. Most all digital advertising uses a CPC system. 

  • Google Ads Term: Conversions & Goals

    This is a really important aspect of any successful digital advertising campaign and it is the first question to answer when designing a new ad campaign. What is the objective for running ads; what do you want to accomplish? The answer is your goal and when someone completes it, that is your conversion. 

  • Google Ads Term: Conversion Rate

    The ratio of conversions to visits is your conversion rate. This is a rather important metric that most all digital advertisers track. The higher the conversion rate the better.

  • Google Ads Term: Conversion Optimization

    The refinement process of improving the performance of your conversions and/or goals is conversion optimization.

  • Google Ads Term: Keyword

    A keyword is the word or phrase entered into a search engine, which triggers the search results. This is the foundation of a SEM advertising campaign. The AdWords platform allows us to bid on specific keywords so that our ads will show for that specific search.

  • Google Ads Term: SERPs

    This term stands for Search Engine Result Pages. When you do a search in Google Search, the listings that are presented to you are the SERPs. The Google Ads platform allows us to target these as ad placements. 

  • Google Ads Term: Landing Page

    To run most ads with Google Ads, your advertising campaign will utilize a specific webpage on your website. This precise webpage that a person ends up at after clicking on your ad is your landing page. The user lands there, hence the term landing page.

  • While there are hundreds of terms used throughout the Google Ads, digital advertising, or SEM (search engine marketing) world, the above terms are a great start. Check back from time to time for more information or contact our Ads team for direct, personal care of your questions and concerns.

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  • James Clemens is the owner of Mica Specialties and a Google Designated Diamond Product Expert for Google Ads. He understands the issues and enjoys digging into complex problems to find the ideal solution for your business. If you need some expert advice, please just let us know. From keyword research and campaign structures, to writing text ads and creating display ads, we are here to help. Do you need a better understanding of your conversion rate, CTR (click through ratio) or have a general question about Google Ads? We can help! 

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