Social Media

  • Social media platforms also offers some excellent places to be seen and get your product or service in front of a targeted audience.


    Mica Specialties is your full service social media agency offering co-managed or fully managed social profiles for small businesses across America.


    We can mange yours, too! Please check out our information on Social Media Marketing.

SEO & Online Marketing

  • Search Engine Optimization Affects Online Marketing Affects SEO.

    As techies that live & dream general online marketing practices like SEO and SEM, we are surprised how often we hear of one or the other (not both) being discussed. As a digital company fully connected to the fast moving world of digital marketing and search engine marketing, we learned many years ago how one most certainly affects the other.


    As you grow your online presence, you are going to interact with many proclaimed experts in the field of search engine optimization. Some of them could be, but many of them are going to be scams, pop-up agencies or boiler room giants that can absolutely destroy your online brand and /or, at the very worse, get your website de-indexed from the major search engine providers. You must maintain a clear & concise understanding of who you are allowing to alter your web code, and to verify their techniques for better optimization are within the allowable tactics of the search engine. They each have a best practices and an absolute no-no list, too.


    We suggest you focus on building organic traffic from the search engines that are enhanced with paid ads.


    We also recommend that your manager for any online marketing campaigns, your website designer and your search engine optimization company all communicate openly and sync certain attributes of their actions to achieve the best overall online performance for you.


    No matter what, SEO comes down to: 1) providing a great user experience for your visitors, 2) offering credible & relevant content, and 3) working with the search engines in structuring your website to best work for them.


    If we look at just this basic level of information on search engine optimization and online marketing, it is easy to see how connected these two systems are. You must present yourself digitally with current & correct information on your specific field  by presenting a modern, unique experience for your website visitors, which will bring more results with search engine placements, which requires lots of credible, quality content on your website's pages. Yes, the content of your webpages needs to be aligned with your product and services you provide, and your ads need to be aligned with the content of your website.


    Everything ties together. Website. Content. Optimization. Marketing. Engagement. Sales. Happy Customers.


    Our pledge has always been to never use unethical techniques or practices to give you short term, false results. We will not use click fraud tactics to hype your reports. We will not post a link to our site at your site's footer to gain SEO benefits from your web presence. We will stay hidden while we put you and your brand front & center. We will not work for your competitors. And we certainly will not share your trade secrets or personal info with anyone.


    Mica Specialties of Panama City, Florida has been deep in the inner-workings of the internet since 1995; dreaming up graphics for making marketing happen since 2000. James Clemens is a 3rd generation product designer with strong expertise in brand building and can help you get seen online through best practices & intelligent design principles. Contact Us for a free consultation today.