Technology Consulting Since 1992

  • We Make Technology Work Better For You

    Mica Specialties offers technology consulting services to help you identify & maximize the benefits of your IT resources by taking an active role in your company's technology needs for today, while focusing on what they will be tomorrow. Simply put, we can be your internal IT department without all the hassles, headaches and cost. We will manage your tech so you can manage your business.


    We love technology and would love to provide assistance! Hire Mica Specialties by the hour, week, month, or per project with no long term service contract - ever!

  • Computer Software Consulting

    Mica Specialties is always here to help, and one of the ways we can do this for you is through our computer software consulting services. We have a 21 step process developed by us to provide a clear snapshot of your computer software current uses & needs, and pinpointing future demands so we keep your workers working for you, not on technology. We can also make sure you are in compliance with software licensing laws and lockdown any security holes. We have the expertise and we know software intimately.

  • Computer Hardware Consulting

    Mica Specialties is ready to help you with short- or long-term planning of your computer hardware needs. We can ready you for a future project or provide immediate assistance with a current upgrade schedule for your outdated or underperforming computer hardware & accessories. Technology can be confusing and complex but Mica Specialties is proficient, friendly, and easy to work with. We provide credible and competent assistance when you need it most.

  • Network Administration

    Mica Specialties can design, install & maintain your network infrastructure and keep it connected to the web. We can repair your computers, and adjust the settings of your firewalls & routers for optimal performance & security. We can can update drivers and software, remove viruses, set up spam filters and more.  If it is connected to technology, we can provide professional assistance. It's that simple, so why not give us call for a network audit? We will determine the best course of action for your specific needs and make personalized suggestions that adhere to best practices and current product specifications.  

  • Point of Sale System Auditing

    Mica Specialties are Point of Sale (POS) professional consultants and we are able to help you determine the right system for your business needs. We can install the hardware and software, get it working properly, and ensure it is secured and in full compliance with regulatory agencies. We are also able to help you and your employees learn the POS system and provide technical support if you run into any issues or growing pains along the way. No monthly/yearly service contract - ever! Just reliable, consistent, credible IT help that's worth every penny.



  • We love technology and have been entrenched in it since 1992. And while you are great at running your business, we are great at running technology and making it work great for you.


    General Technology Consulting

    Gigabyte Bullet Computer Hardware Purchases
    Gigabyte Bullet Internal Use Software Requirements
    Gigabyte Bullet Vendor Support
    Gigabyte Bullet Technology Pre-sale Negotiations (as your agent)
    Gigabyte Bullet Technology Audits
    Gigabyte Bullet Technology Purchase Validation
    Gigabyte Bullet Technology Needs Verification
    Gigabyte Bullet Application Management & Development
    Gigabyte Bullet Website Design Help
    Gigabyte Bullet Social Media Strategies
    Gigabyte Bullet Software Licensing Compliant Issues


    Industry Standards Compliance

    Gigabyte Bullet FTC Security
    Gigabyte Bullet PCI DSS
    Gigabyte Bullet HIPPA
    Gigabyte Bullet EHR
    Gigabyte Bullet FDA/USDA


    Information Technology Assistance

    Gigabyte Bullet Internal Vulnerability Assessments
    Gigabyte Bullet IT Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity
    Gigabyte Bullet IT Risk Assessment
    Gigabyte Bullet System Development Life Cycle (SDLC)
    Gigabyte Bullet Data Privacy & Confidentiality
    Gigabyte Bullet Data Mining & Security
    Gigabyte Bullet Employee Use Policies


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