Search Engine Marketing Agency

  • Certified Experts In Google Ads™

    With Google leading the world in searches, it is also leading the way for those seeking to market themselves online to prospective customers. Google Ads* is their official ad platform for their digital properties. Ads brings together a robust set of tools and services to allow precise targeting of ads on Google Search or any of their partner sites which are identified on third-party websites with the tag "Ads by Google."


    Along with providing a great online advertising platform, Google Ads provides auditing & analytic tools and a wide range of internal training for small digital companies like Mica Specialties, and even more for large fully-badged agencies around the world. If we can help you with Ads in any way, please just let us know. We are working our way to becoming fully-badged, and bring years (10+) of hard work on the Ads platform with us. While we build forward, we absolutely adhere to the requirements and best practices of Google. You can also explore Ads; sign up for a free account or call them directly by visiting this link.


    *Note: You are always in control of your Ads account, regardless of who manages it for you. Google requires the disclosure of this third-party partner notice so you can better understand Google Ads and our role (or any agency) within it. Google Ads is a trademark of Google Inc. © 2012. All rights reserved.

  • Bing Ads Advertising Help

    One of the first online ad platforms we trained on was with Microsoft, which later became Bing Ads. Holding the second place in searches, Bing is a solid platform to embrace when planning your online advertising plan. We can help you dial in the precise keywords and search terms to bring more attention to your product, service or website. They provide ads directly on Bing, along with placements across their partner network and crunch it with reporting and more. You can get more information about Bing Ads here or by contacting us today!

  • Yahoo! Advertising Agency

    This search engine marketing platform is combined with Bing Ads and is referred to as the Yahoo Bing Network. We can provide any help with this service or you can learn more by visiting this website.

  • Site Retargeting Ad Campaigns

    Site Retargeting refers to a type of online advertising that "targets" a consumer based on their previous internet site visits/clicks. This is used to entice a visitor that left without buying. Online ads that utilize Site Retargeting will tag visitors with a "tracking image pixel" to serve up a related ad at another site later on. Since it is widely accepted that it takes multiple interactions (7+) with a new company by a consumer before buying, this can help your customers know you faster! Includes social page setup for Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

  • Web Analytics & Data Insights

    By utilizing statistical data from our server and third party partners like Google, Bing, and Yahoo, we can analyze how your website is performing to your visitors. By doing so, we can better determine the outcomes of your ad campaigns (SEM), where your website is performing strongly or not so great, and dial in changes that will result in improvements (SEO) that will positively affect your business. It takes time to gather the data; scientific modeling to organize the data; and experience to utilize it for the best performance. We utilize Google Analytics, Google Data Studio, Web Server Statistics and other toolsets to crunch data. 


    Web Analytics + SEO + SEM = a successful website - and Mica Specialties can do all of this at an competitive price point to you!


Online Campaigns

  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) refers to the paid placement of ads & promotions with a search engine. SEM campaigns are something that we utilize often when building/re-enforcing your brand online. But even still, we work to embrace your physical business presence and enhance it digitally with our exclusive techniques and proven online marketing packages.


    We constantly monitor & adjust your marketing campaigns (upwards of 100 times per month) to dial in on your customer base and squeeze every penny out of your ad dollars. We will keep you informed with friendly phone calls and professional reports. Mica Specialties is capable of handling all of your search engine marketing needs with ease.


    Schedule a Free Consultation to determine what the best course of action is for you!