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    Bring a technology professional shopping and shop in confidence. Let us navigate the technology crazes and demands for you or with you. We can handle the salesman and other bothersome parts and streamline the checkout process and you can relax. We can simply answer questions that pop up or verify the spec... it's just another way Mica Specialties of Panama City, Florida, works smartly to keep you efficient & productive in life. Independent Studies of Technology products to guide the novice computer user - backed by Mica Specialties.

  • James Clemens believes in educating his clients while helping them navigate the technology/electronic crazes & phases. His personalized shopping assistant service is just another way to keep you efficient and productive in life, while not allowing technology to overtake you.

  •  It all starts with a phone call to us so we can setup a quick consultation, so please Contact Us today!


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  • We know the brands and models to buy and the ones to stay clear of, too. Get expert advice quick & easy.


     Save time & money and have fun shopping for Technology!


    Gigabyte Bullet Shopping Service
    Gigabyte Bullet Research and Locate
    Gigabyte Bullet In-Store Meet N Reviews
    Gigabyte Bullet Spec Comparisons
    Gigabyte Bullet Technical Breakdowns
    Gigabyte Bullet Pre-wrapping Setup of Computers
    Gigabyte Bullet Software Purchasing Help
    Gigabyte Bullet Technical Suggestions
    Gigabyte Bullet Personalized & Professional Services


    We also provide expert technology consulting services where we handle it all for you.