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  • Repaircare Computer Care

    Personal and small business specialist in Windows Computer Repairs & General Technical Support, Proper Malware Removal & Repairs, Hardware Upgrades, Networks (Wired & Wireless), Malware Protection, Troubleshooting & Research, Hardware Consulting, Software and Computer Security Consulting Services. RepairCare Computer Care is ready & able to fix your pesky computer problems.

  • Technology Consulting Service

    We are here to help you identify & maximize the benefits of your IT resources by taking an active role in your technology needs of today, while focusing on what they will be tomorrow! Computer hardware purchases, internal use software requirements, vendor support, pre-sale negotiations on your behalf, technology audits, requirement validation, company needs validation, application management & development. Technology Consulting is a smart & invaluable service in today's digital world.

  • Mica Machines

    Our exclusive desktop machines are designed with security in mind and based on the Microsoft Windows operating system. These are optimal for the small business executive or performance home user. Designed and built for you, by us... discover Mica Machines today!

  • Technology Shopping Assistant

    Let us navigate the technology crazes and demands for you or with you. Relax and utilize your own personalized shopping assistant. Just another way Mica Specialties of Panama City, Florida, works smartly to keep you efficient & productive in life. Independent Studies of Technology products to guide the novice computer user - backed by Mica Specialties.


Computer tech

  • When it comes to the Technology Industry, little changes can impact us in a big way. Mica Specialties is here to make the "connection" fun & easy!


    From website technologies to networking protocols, we can provide help!


    As we continue to develop more solutions, we will focus our aim on Security Attacks and Malware. We are active in the hunt for Malware and for making the internet a safe and enjoyable experience for all.


    Discover more on computer security with our MM-7 Labs. Schedule a Free Consultation to determine what the best course of action is for you!