Guest Speaking

  • James Clemens has been actively building brands and providing inspirational advice within the technology and advertising industry for over 30 years.


    As a Google Top Contributor, he can present and discuss Google AdWords, Google Analytics, Google Best Practices, along with subjects surrounding technology and advertising (both digital and traditional).


    As a Google GYBO professional, he can present and discuss Google search listings, Google maps listings, best practices and optimization.


    As a seasoned web developer, he can present and discuss mobile website design, best practices, search engine optimization and website security.


    As a Microsoft partner, OEM builder and experienced designer, he can present & discuss Microsoft Windows and computer technology trends.


    As a cyber security professional, he present & discuss computer security countermeasures, anti-spam practices and defensive surfing.


    Gigabyte Bullet Keynote Speaker.


    Gigabyte Bullet Guest Speaker.


    Gigabyte Bullet Conferences & Conventions.


    Gigabyte Bullet Private Business Functions.

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Technology & Advertising Events

  • Mica Specialties is a leading provider of technology & advertising services to businesses around the world. We work closely with the best companies and utilize their products on a daily basis. Below you will find some of the recent events we have/will be hosting and/or co-hosting. These events will showcase industry trends, best practices, how-to tips, up and coming changes, obsolete actions and general information related to the technology & advertising industries.

    May 17, 2017 -  Google Partners Connect - Home Services' Advertising.

    Mica Specialties will be hosting a Google Partners Connect event focused on digital advertising within the home services industry. Learn how to use digital advertising and today's technology to gain more exposure online, which will gain you more customers, too.

    May 4, 2017 - Google Get Your Business On The Map.

    Mica Specialties will be hosting a Holiday live stream presented by Google to celebrate Small Business Week. We will go over creating and updating your business listing on Google Search and Maps for free, plus how to optimize your website to be found in search and across all devices, which will help you get more customers with easy online advertising.

    April 19, 20 & 21, 2017 - Furniture & Textile Advertising.

    James Clemens will be hosting digital advertising sessions in Miramar Beach, Florida with several business owners throughout the Southeast United States and leading manufacturers in the furniture & textile industries. This will be an action-packed venue including the topics of: best practices, proper budget allocation, winning techniques, differences in platforms, sales cycle, store actions and more.

    April 19, 2017 - Google Partners Connect - Automotive Advertising.

    Mica Specialties will be hosting a Google Partners Connect event focused on digital advertising within the automotive industry. This event is co-hosted with Peter Leto and Fred Vallaeys. Peter will explain how dealers and manufacturers can get ahead by adjusting their advertising strategies to target consumers where they are spending their time. Fred will speak about how auto companies and dealerships can optimize their online presences to connect with customers in the right place at the right time.

    March 15, 2017 - Google Partners Connect - Real Estate Advertising.

    Mica Specialties will be hosting a Google Partners Connect event focused on digital advertising within the real estate industry. This event is co-hosted with Tom Ferry and Raluca Monet. Tom Ferry, the CEO of his own Real Estate training company and an illustrious public speaker who’s helped 500,000+ agents and brokers grow their businesses in his 30-year career. Raluca Monet, Google’s Strategic Partner Manager for Real Estate will discuss how the home buying process continues to evolve, affecting buyers’ path to purchase and ultimately conversion.

    October 3, 2016 - Rotary Business Expo.

    Mica Specialties will be presenting lots of exciting information about digital advertising, website development, search engine optimization, listing your business on Google search & maps and the advantages of using the Google GYBO program for your business or home-based services. Stop by and get your free information, backpacks, shirts and other branded goodies from Google and Mica Specialties.


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