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    The Mica Specialties Resource Room is a quick guide to the world's best technology products to spend your time and money with. We enjoy these technology products and think you will, too. The links on this page will take you to the various company's secure shopping systems on their web sites where you can shop in privacy, and with confidence in the safety of your personal information while shopping for computer products to buy online.

    Google AdWords Help

    If you have a product or service, you need to put the power of Google AdWords to work for you. We have some general information about the various types, certification and the prestigious badged Google Partner program. Mica Specialties is AdWords certified and a fully badged Google Partner.

    GYBO - Let's Put Panama City, Florida on the Map

    GYBO, Get Your Business Online. If you offer a product or service, or run a business, you need to be found on Google Maps, which is the mainstay for finding a location, phone number, business hours and more. Even a home-based business can benefit from this free service by Google. Mica Specialties is the official agency for the Panama City, Florida area.

    Google Apps For Work

    Google Apps for Work are ready to help you achieve more with your technical time. Google Apps for Work gives businesses the tools to get more done with professional email, online storage, shared calendars, video meetings and more. Explore. Learn. Download and get started right now!

    Cognitive Computing

    Looking for something more advanced in technology? Check out our resources covering Cognitive Computing Technology and Machine Learning. This is an exciting field of computer science that is breaking out to a whole new level in the coming months. The future is upon us all.

    Computer Security Help

    Check out our MM-7 Labs for more computer security topics & how-to help where you can learn more about technology basics, the latest in online marketing, and discover better computer security measures to keep you surfing the web in safety.

    Press Releases & Media Relations

    Check out our press releases to learn a little more about some of the exciting benchmarks that took place with us over the past year or so. We are always avaliable to the news & media outlets to present credible information related to technology and digital marketing.


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Tech Links

  • When it comes to surfing the web for quality computer software & hardware, it can become a daunting task. Fear no more, these links take you directly to the factory websites where you can buy directly from them with confidence and get special pricing when available.


    Gigabyte Bullet Buy Direct from Microsoft or explore signature editions of Windows' based laptops, desktops, tablets and other cool tech products.


    Gigabyte Bullet Buy Direct from Razer or explore their full line of keyboards, mice, and other geeky computer accessories and computers.


    Gigabyte Bullet Buy Direct from Logitech or learn more about their vast collection of computer gadgets.


    Gigabyte Bullet Buy Direct from Vipre Security Software  or get a free 30-day trial of some award-winning security software.