RepairCare Technology

  • All The Technology Help Your Business Demands

    Let us make your Windows desktop or laptop computer run faster by removing malware and viruses, and removing unwanted programs and fragmented registry errors. We will care for your personal computer and restore "better than factory new" conditions. Yes, we are that good.


    We also repair computer-related hardware, replace components, upgrade computer systems and connect them all together via a secured network for your home or office. We have an intimate knowledge of Windows, and as computer security experts, we can ensure piece-of-mind handling of your valuable equipment and data. We love technology and we bring that passion with us.


    Mica Specialties also offers a backup service to the cloud or to external devices in your control. And we perform monthly maintenance, software upgrades and other routine tasks without a monthly/yearly contract. We can fix Windows errors, blue screen crashes, missing windows features and all those pesky problems that go on and on no matter what you try to do.

  • Start a RepairCare Service Ticket

    You can submit your repair request below and we will be back in touch with you soon. If you are in need our urgent care, please fill out the form below AND call us at (850) 571-7701 with the message that you need technical help.


Computer Services

  • If you are not located in the Panama City, Florida area, we can fix many issues over the phone or by remote access.


    Often times, the technical issue you find impossible to fix can be fixed, fast & easy, over the phone with our advice & procedures. 


    We spend 80+ hrs per week in the trenches and in continuing education. This gives us the expertise to understand your computer repair needs and we are here to help!


    Gigabyte Bullet Microsoft Windows (all versions) - Computer Repairs Done Correctly
    Gigabyte Bullet Virus/Malware - Fixed Without Damaging Windows or your Content
    Gigabyte Bullet PC Desktops, Laptops, Tablets and Devices - Updates & Customization
    Gigabyte Bullet Software Configuration - Any Software Program
    Gigabyte Bullet Email - Set-up and General Help
    Gigabyte Bullet Computer Hardware - Installation & Configuration
    Gigabyte Bullet Computer Networks - Set-up, Repair and Secure
    Gigabyte Bullet Smart TV/Devices - Set-up and General Tech Help
    Gigabyte Bullet Laptops - Repairs, Screen Replacements, Charging Ports Soldered, Etc.
    Gigabyte Bullet iPhone Screen Replacements.


    And much more. Just contact us for more information.