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    When you are building your brand presence online, you really will want to embrace the social sites, and connect with your audience, even though you may not be on them personally. With today's consumer, social media websites play a pivotal role in the brands that stay connected with them. Let us build you a Google+ Page, Facebook Page, Twitter Profile and YouTube business Channel and get you connected with them today.


    There are dozens of social sites to consider but how much time do you have to embrace them and build business from? We can take care of them all for you, or just fix an issue with one. The IT Services from Mica Specialties are completely scalable and perfect for the small business owner operating on small budgets. We will become well-versed in your specific product or brand and promote it naturally through social posts & updates on your behalf. Content is always family friendly, respectable, proper and relevant to you.


    Once we have some great content posted, we can begin to crank up some social media marketing and greatly boost activity to your pages & profiles. Paid placement of ads in the newsfeed of Facebook will surely get you more exposure to people we can precisely target. Through social media ads, we can select to target people of certain age groups, locations, lifestyles, hobbies, music or media preferences and much, much more. We are in full control, which means you are in full control with us.


    Please Contact Us to learn more about social media marketing and your business. The consultation is free.


Account Managers

  • Being social as a business is not a new concept, but mastering the many different technologies used with the various social media platforms is most certainly new and ever changing to you.


    Fortunately, Mica Specialties are professional managers of business pages on Facebook and other social media sites and we are ready to help.


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