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Website Design, SEO, and Digital Marketing Agency

Experienced Web Site Designer, Professional Digital Marketing & Ad Agency, Search Engine Optimization Specialist, and IT Technologist.

Website Design Firm

Web Site Design

Responsive HTML5 / CSS / JAVA Web Code that
Looks Great and Performs Exceptionally Well.

Mica Specialties is your Panama City website design company. We create modern, mobile-responsive websites and provide web hosting services.

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Digital Marketing

Search Engine Marketing Campaigns with
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Mica Specialties is a digital marketing agency focused on analytics driven ads and creative campaigns for fast results and proven success.

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Local SEO Agency Working For Your Business Success by Bringing More Customers To You.

Mica Specialties is the #1 SEO agency in Panama City Beach and the official city partner to Grow Your Business With Google.

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Certified Google Ads Agency

We Make Google Ads Work Great For You

Mica Specialties is passionate about digital marketing and that means we are passionate about Google Ads. The best way to reach potential customers is online, in the search results of Google, which is where we step in to help. Google Ads are paid placements that work by way of an auction system best known as pay-per-click. While anyone can set up and manage your Ads account, as a trusted partner of Google, we can properly create, optimize, and manage your Ads account to bring the best results for the least amount of money. Mica Specialties has earned the badge to be called a Google Partner at the direction of James Clemens, a certified Google Ads partner and the owner of Mica Specialties.


Mica Specialties, Digital Marketing ExpertsBeing a digital marketing expert means we strive for top performance of our search engine marketing campaigns. Digital marketing never rests and neither does the optimization of your account. Ads need to be tested & monitored, bids need to be maximized, keywords need to be edited or paused, and search terms need adjustments like moving some to negative status and making others broad match. These are just a few examples of the ongoing work required to properly manage digital marketing campaigns in Google Ads.

A Badged Google Partner

Earning the Google Partner badge means that we have Google advertising product knowledge. Mica Specialties earned the Google Partner badge by consistently performing to best practices with our clients' accounts, demonstrating that we are maximizing their Ads' performance. It also means that our agency meets the spend requirements, showing that we have a healthy amount of activity. By being certified in Google Ads, we can help you improve your campaign.

Mica Specialties is always in review of our clients' accounts, and how they perform is a direct indication of how we perform. We stay connected to Google to learn what it takes day in and day out to be at the top with our Ads intelligence. Contact Us today for a free consultation.


Google Partner Agency

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SEO Help Panama City Beach, Florida

Mica Specialties provides professional website optimization services that adhere to the professional guidelines of Google, Bing, and Yahoo Search Engines.

  • 01

    Keyword Research

    Keywords and Search Terms are an important SEO element that needs to be dialed in correctly and carefully. A successful website will present your product and services uniquely.

  • 02

    Competitive Analysis

    Competitive Analysis is something all major advertisers do to bring a better understanding of the local market. It helps with SEO, setting advertising objectives, goals, and budgets.

  • 03

    SEO Audit

    Our SEO Audit will provide a clear path to correction so we can bring your website and organic presence into perfect alignment. It's all about more traffic and better performance.

  • 04

    Brand Integrity Scan

    Brand Integrity Scan allows us to identify troublesome issues with how your brand is presented and perceived by your targeted audience. Fixing any brand issues will speed your success.

  • 05

    Web Code Edits

    Web Code Edits take into account all of the above data so that we can rewrite the website code to make your website loads faster, look more professional, and easier to navigate.

  • 06

    Off Site Corrections

    Off Site Corrections have a major impact on your overall SEO ranking score. Most issues seem minor to a business owner but are actually casuing serious roadblocks to your online success.



Mica Specialties excels in reliable, responsive, modern website design and hosting that performs great.




Mica Specialties will bring positive brand awareness and engagement to enhance your brand's value.



Search Engine

Mica Specialties can audit your current website, fix any negative elements to get your site reaching higher.



Social Media

Mica Specialties manages social media pages through intelligent design and consistent, friendly activity.